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Caribbean Royale

Caribbean Royale

The perfect non-alcoholic brunch cocktail made with fruity-spiced Caribbean Sorrel and sparkling alcohol-free wine. It's delicious in warm weather but also makes a great holiday drink with the warming spice notes from Sorrel, which is traditionally served at Christmastime.

The name is a nod to the classic French Kir Royale made with Cassis (black currant) liqueur and Champagne.

Bonus: both ingredients are made by women!


Pour Sorrel into a coupe or flute glass and top with chilled Noughty, or other sparkling wine. Pour slowly to avoid overflow!


Make it a low-alcohol cocktail by using alcoholic sparkling wine instead. I recommend something dry like an entry-level Champagne, French Crémant or domestic US sparkling. Avoid Prosecco or Moscato, the sweetness of the Sorrel is plenty for this cocktail.


Non-alcoholic sparkling Caribbean Royale cocktail / mocktail kit

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