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Love gin, but looking for something a bit different? Some of our very favorite alcohol-free spirits fall into the "not-gin" category: they aren't trying to mimic alcoholic gin, but they include similar botanicals and can be substituted for gin in a variety of cocktails. Each pack includes one bottle each:
  • Abstinence Cape Citrus
  • Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn
  • Bax Botanics Verbena

Abstinence Cape Citrus brings together the abundant citrus of South Africa with native botanicals. The result is flavors of lemon, orange and grapefruit combined with warming cinnamon and savory fennel with a hint of black pepper. This isn't a gin-alternative per se, but you can substitute it for gin in many cocktails. (750ml bottle)

ABOUT Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn

Richly savory with layered herbs and fruit, this bittersweet non-alcoholic spirit is sophisticated and complex. The signature flavor is the sea buckthorn berry, also known as the holy fruit of the Himalayas. It's delicious paired with tonic and an orange twist, or in renditions of classic cocktails from an earthy Cosmopolitan to an herbal Hot Toddy. (500ml bottle)


This zingy, complex alcohol-free spirit is refreshing and altogether unique. With some similarities to gin, it opts for bright citrus and floral notes rather than gin's signature juniper. The result is a sophisticated, delicate distillate that is delicious paired with tonic and a slice of cucumber, or substituted for gin in a variety of classic cocktails. (500ml bottle)

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