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5 Tips for Mindful Holiday Drinking

5 Tips for Mindful Holiday Drinking

Often the holidays are a time of over-indulgence - in all senses of the word. While this can be fun, it can take a toll on our mental and physical health. It's also a time where cutting back or cutting out booze can be extra difficult with lots of holiday gatherings, travel and extra stress. But the benefits of being more mindful about your drinking - especially now - are manifold. Hopefully, you'll find yourself less stressed and more able to truly enjoy the moment. Here are our top five tips to help get you there.

1. Make a plan.

Maybe you commit to only one drink per event, or maybe you plan to enjoy wine only on the weekends, or maybe you're going totally alcohol-free for the holidays. There's no black and white "this is the only right way to do it" so pick an achievable goal that makes sense for you. If you can, enlist a buddy who will help you stick to your plan or even wants to do the same. 

2. Provide options, for yourself and your guests.

It will be much easier to stick to your plan if you have some yummy no-alc options available. Stock your bar cart with a selection of alcohol-free wine, spirits and cocktail alternatives so you'll never feel left out of the fun. Plan a festive cocktail for your guests that can be made with booze, or without. (Check out our recipes for ideas!) Perhaps fill an ice bucket with one or two AF wine alternatives

3. BYOB 

Being the only non-drinker at a party or restaurant can be isolating, and social pressure is hard to resist. If you're going out and you're worried there won't be good alcohol-free options, bring your own! Our On-the-Go Wine Lovers Kit is perfect for portability.

4. Spread the word 

Start talking about how you're cutting back on booze and you may be surprised how many others are in the same boat. Practicing mindful drinking can be an awesome conversation starter, and we think there's always something positive that can come out of telling your friends and family you're watching your alcohol intake. But if you don't feel like talking about it, that's ok too and you don't need to justify your choices to anyone.

5. You Do You 

You don't need booze to have fun during the holidays. In fact, you may find you enjoy yourself MORE when you're not buzzed or hungover. The most important thing is to do what feels right for you and to support your physical & mental wellbeing.⁠ ⁠

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