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Healthier Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Healthier Non-Alcoholic Beverages

A big reason people give up or cut back on alcohol is, of course, health. Sometimes it's an acute issue, other times it's part of a general desire to just feel better.

So our co-founder Adrienne Stillman Krausz sat down with friend and board-certified holistic health practitioner Stephanie Mandel to choose a selection of our alcohol-free drinks to support your wellness goals, whatever they may be.

Stephanie's criteria were:

  • Yeast, gluten & dairy free
  • Low-sugar overall and no refined sugar
  • No citric acid (which can be an issue for those with mold sensitivities)

Based on those parameters, Adrienne got to work choosing some of her favorite products!


As a nutrition consultant and holistic health practitioner, I've guided hundreds of clients with chronic digestive issues, fatigue, pain, brain fog and more to feeling their absolute best. A key to success on any healing journey is having satisfying alternatives for foods and drinks that, for better or worse, bring us joy and open our hearts, like sugar and alcohol. Having a glass or two of wine after a long day is, of course, a common way to relax. If that's been your go-to, and you're trying to improve your health, my hope is that you'll find these delicious swaps fit easily into your daily ritual.

—Stephanie Mandel, BCHN®


  • All the Bitter Cocktail Bitters
    • "Bitters are a great way to zhuzh up any drink - from club soda, to iced tea, non-alcoholic wines and of course mocktails. Just a few dashes add that extra oomph that is often missing from alcohol-free drinks. We love these bitters from former sommeliers Ian and Carly Blessing, who use organic or wild-foraged botanicals and non-GMO vegetable glycerin." —Adrienne

    • "Not only are the ingredients clean and well-sourced, these bitters contain so many beneficial herbs! Dandelion, burdock and milk thistle are all amazing for the liver, and orange peel, ginger root and gentian have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine to support digestive function. Holy basil, aka tulsi, is wonderful for the nervous system." — Steph

  • Copenhagen Sparkling Teas
    • "These are some of our most popular and my personal favorite bottles. Rather than trying to mimic alcoholic wine exactly, these sparkling teas instead aim to fill the same place on the table, but in a unique way. Created by a Danish sommelier, the blend of organic teas offers the kind of complexity and nuanced flavors that will appeal to wine lovers." —Adrienne

    • "These sparkling teas are made from a blend of black, white, green and herbal teas - all rich in antioxidants, meaning they're protective of our cells and DNA! If you tolerate a little caffeine, these are a fun sparkling brunch (or work-day) drink." —Steph


  • Sovi Sparkling Rose
    • Made by a husband-and-wife sommelier team based in Napa Valley, this sparkling rosé is made from only two ingredients and is a staple at our house. Added bonus: they work with a small, family-owned sustainably farmed vineyard, and the quality shows.
  • Leitz NA White & Sparkling Wines
    • Made by a top producer of alcoholic wines in Germany, we love their alcohol-free Chardonnay, Riesling and Blanc de Blancs.
  • Sovi Red Blend
    • This dry red blend is great for lovers of full-bodied reds and perfect with a charcuterie plate, grilled meat or a juicy steak. Made from a blend of grapes including Syrah and Malbec that are sustainably farmed in Northern California. 

Get in touch with Stephanie on her website at or follow her on Instagram @stephaniemandelwellness.

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