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How to Enjoy Your Dry Goods


Wine substitutes, sodas, sparklers and ready-to-drink cocktails should all be served chilled. They can be stored at room temperature, but put them in the fridge for a few hours before enjoying - and keep them there after opening.

Non-alcoholic spirits do not require refrigeration, but keeping them cold is a good way to reduce over-dilution when making cocktails (more on this below).

Do NOT put these products in freezer! Unlike alcohol, they will freeze and may explode.


Non-alcoholic spirits are best enjoyed mixed in cocktails. You can substitute them 1:1 in your favorite recipe, or browse our library for inspiration.

The biggest difference when mixing alcohol-free cocktails is dilution: alcoholic spirits require water in order to release aromatics and be enjoyable. In fact, up to 1/3 of an alcoholic cocktail is in fact water. However, non-alcoholic spirits can quickly become watery and lose their oomph with too much water. Therefore, when shaking a cocktail, only shake for about 5-7 seconds to thoroughly chill. Using larger ice cubes is also beneficial. If desired, you can store your spirits in the fridge (not freezer!) or chill smaller quantities before mixing.

Non-alcoholic cocktails
Non-alcoholic wines

Non-alcoholic Wines

Alcohol-free wines should be stored and served just like their alcoholic counterparts. The biggest difference is that because they contain no alcohol (which acts as a natural preservative), they will not last as long once open. For maximum longevity, use a vacuum pump to remove the oxygen and store in the fridge after opening. Enjoy within a few days.

The exception to this rule is Jukes. Because it is based on apple cider vinegar, it does not need to be pumped out and will last longer in the fridge after opening.

While you can put cans and bottles briefly in the freezer to chill quickly, be very careful because they will freeze and explode faster than alcoholic wine.

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