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non-alcoholic mulled rum recipe with alcohol-free rum alternative

NA Mulled Cider

This NA mulled “spiked” cider is perfect for cold weather season. Using Ritual Zero Proof Rum Alternative, you get just the right amount of citrus and spice.

  1. First, crush two cinnamon sticks
  2. Cut a square piece of cheesecloth and add your crushed cinnamon sticks and the peel of one whole orange (avoiding the bitter white pith). Add 1 tsp. whole cloves and 1 tsp. allspice.
  3. Now fold your cheesecloth filled with mulling spices and tie the ends tightly together with a string.
  4. Heat 4 cups of apple juice in a pot until steaming, do not boil.
  5. Add 1 cup of Ritual Zero Proof Rum Alternative and mulling spices.
  6. Reduce heat once steaming and let spices steep for 30 mins or up to 4 hours.
  7. Finally, serve in your favorite mug and enjoy the warm, cozy alcohol-free goodness of this fall staple.

Optional: Top with freshly grated nutmeg and/or cinnamon to garnish.

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