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Best non-alcoholic gin alternatives Free Spirits, Ceder's, Bax, Seedlip, Ritual Zero Proof

Best Non-Alcoholic Gin

If you're a gin fan looking for non-alcoholic options, you're in luck: gin alternatives are plentiful. They also come in many different styles, from juniper-forward London Dry to more citrus-driven, cucumber and floral. Here are our top picks. You can also shop our entire range of non-alcoholic gins here.
Best Gin & Tonic: Ritual Zero Proof Gin Alternative
Ritual's Gin Alternative really sings in the classic G&T, giving that authentic crisp and refreshing experience with a hint of spicy burn on the finish. With a distinct "green" flavor profile, it's also great with in cocktails with citrus or mint, like the Gin Smash.
Best for Cocktails: Free Spirits Spirit of Gin or Ceder's Classic
With distinct citrusy notes backed up by bright juniper berries, these versatile gins are our go-tos for mixing up a wide range of cocktails, from a no- or low-alcohol Negroni to a French 75.
If You Love Hendricks: Ceder's Crisp

If you love Hendricks, this cucumber, chamomile and lemon zest-infused gin-alternative is for you. Softer and more subtle than other options, it's great with tonic and makes a delicious Southside riff.

If You Like Citrus: Abstinence Cape Citrus
One of our favorite alcohol-free spirits, this citrusy option combines lemon, orange and grapefruit with warming cinnamon, savory fennel and a hint of black pepper. Delicious combined with Abstinence Bittersweet Aperitif for a non-alc Negroni riff or in a lemony gin sour.
Best for Something Completely Different: Ceder's Wild

Inspired by the native flora of South Africa, Ceder's Wild infuses rooibos tea, resinous juniper and pine along with spicy cloves for a truly unique gin alternative. We love it with ginger beer for a spicy Ginger Highball.

Best for Something "Gin-Adjacent": Bax Botanics Verbena & Sea Buckthorn

Love gin but looking for something new? Check out Bax Botanics' sophisticated, complex spirits. Verbena offers a zingy citrusy-floral experience while Sea Buckthorn brings resinous herbs and crushed berries to the mix. Both are great with tonic and can be substituted for gin in a range of cocktails. 

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